Lowbed Trailer

What is Lowbed Trailer

They are a semi-trailer, low in the middle, high on the front and 2 ramps on the back. The reason these lowbed trailers are low children, use it to choose heavy load more easily.
Lowbed semi-trailers can be produced with different types.
Front loader lowbed semi trailer, heavy type lowboy semi trailer, heavy load lowbed semi trailer, european type lowboy trailer, multi axle lowbed semi trailer.
Lider Trailer manufactures all types of lowbed semi trailers.
We produce lowbed trailers up to 2 axles and 12 axles.

What is lowbed trailer used for?

Lowbed trailer is used to carry all kinds of heavy loads. Lider Trailer also produces lowbed trailers for special loads.
We produce Lowbed trailers for all types of long loads. We produce Lowbed trailers for wind turbines, and lowbed trailers for long and heavy tanks.
In addition, we produce lowbed trailers using construction beds in different sizes (according to construction machines).
lowbed trailer is also used in agricultural enterprises.

Who is the manufacturer of the lowbed trailer?

Lider Trailer, which is the number one among the Lider Trailer manufacturers in Turkey, produces all kinds of lowbed and semi-trailers.
Leading Trailer manufactures all kinds of lowbed trailers. We produce lowboy trailers. We also produce Leader Trailer lowboy trailer according to European standards. Quality production, low price, top quality lowbed trailer can be produced in " Lider Trailer". Lider Trailer # 1 for lowbed trailers and all types of trailers in Turkey and all over Europe.
Trailers can be produced in different countries of the world, but they are not produced with sufficient quality, but Lider Trailer has received the European Quality Certificate for producing high quality lowbed trailers and all kinds of trailers.

What are the features of Lowbed trailer?

Since Lowboy trailers are used to carry different machines and different loads, they can be produced with different features. The lowbed trailer used for long loads is sometimes produced with a length of 30 meters, a width of 3 m, and a height of 1 meter. We also produce standards with standards.
We produce lowbed trailers with a length of 13.5 m, a width of 2.5 m and a height of 90 cm. The world's best quality lowbed trailer can be produced in Lider Trailer because we use the most compact production gallery, such as axles, brake systems, metal etc. that we use in production.

Sales and contact informations 

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