Low Bed Manufacturers Europa

Low Bed Manufacturers Europa


Low Bed Manufacturers Europa   

We have sell ouır trilers to all European countries so we have get a EUROPEAN quality certificate on all our products . 

The trailers we produce according to European standards are sold in every country.

In addition, the materials we use for production were made according to the European standards.

We are producing trailers with the highest quality and therefore our customers remain satisfied and receive them from us continuously.    

The more possibilities a heavy transporter can offer you, the more it is valuable. For our low beds, Lider Trailer produces models with up to ten axles in their 

standard versions – with removable chassis, hydraulic controls as well as hydraulically-steerable axles. In the low loader series, you can choose between models 

from two to up to three axles. Furthermore, we offer numerous safety options and high mobility for loading and unloading processes by hydraulically-adjustable and detachable gooseneck design.