10 axle lowbed trailers

10 axle lowbed trailers


10 axle Lowbed semi trailers with 150.000 kgr capacity is the best for your heavy cargo . 


Fifth whell Height (H) : 1.280 mm
External Length(L) : 19.500 mm
Axle Capacity : 20 tons Technical load capacity (13 tons legal load capacity)
Gooseneck Length (GL) : 3.660 mm
Platform Length (PL) : 10.840 mm
Platform Height (PH) : 900 mm
Wheelbase (WB) : 9160 mm
Distance Between Axles : 1.350 mm
Loading capacity  :10.000 kgs
Tare Weight ±%3 : 20.500 kgs
Total Width (W) : 3000 mm + 600 mm (width / side extensions)
King Pin Capacity : Permissible Load Capacity = 18.000 kgs
Sliding Platform : 1 unit of non-removable sliding platform 300 mm long
Gross Vehicle Weight : Total Permissible Weight [60 km/h] = 150.000 kgs
Gross Vehicle Weight : Total Permissible Weight [80 km/h] = 147.000 kgs

Number Of : 10 Units
Axles Steering : 1 unit of lifting axles at the front,self steering axle is not available
Type Axles : Lider 1453 drum broke axles
"Brake System: Dual circuit electro-pneumatic WABCO brand EBS 4S/3M brake system with anti- lock (ABS) 
and tilt control system (RSS) in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R13"
Electric System : Lighting installation with 24 Volts side position lamp and 2x7 and 1x15-pin sockets, in compliance with Regulation UN ECE R48 and ADR Legislation
"Rear Lamp Type : Front position lamp, left and right side parking lamps, operation lamp and extension label warning
 lamps on the vehicle are some types , whereas rear underrun bumper lamps are Bulb-Type"
Rim Brand :Lider  Choice
Rim Type :Lider  choice, steel offset rim
Tyre Size : 275/70 R 22,5
Tyre Brand : Pirelli Choice
Number of Tyres and : 20 Units
Rims Spare Wheel Holder : 1 units of spare wheels on front panel  (optional)
Connection Sockets :Socket with lid according to Norm VG-96917 and 2x35 mm2 straight connection cable  with
 battery pincers according to Norm VG-96927-1-2
Suspansion Type : air suspension 
Chassis : Made of high quality and high strength ST52 and S700 MC steel, in compliance with Standard ISO 1726
Gooseneck Type : Gooseneck with 90° vertical corners
Floor : 45 mm thick hardwood floor and drop-patterned steel floor only on top of wheels
Extension Bracket : Standard box profile
King Pin : 2" bolted kingpin
King Pin Place And Quantity : 1 unit of kingpin coupling seam
 Front Landing Gear : Sliding mechanical landing gears with 50 tons capacity when parked
Rear Landing : Sliding mechanical landing gears with 45 tons capacity when parked
Gear Metalization : Not available
Ramp Type : 2 units of short mechanical ramps are included. Suitable for hydraulic folding and mechanical sliding operations, has hardwood covering with 40 mm thickness, 4.500 mm length and 800 mm width, 12 degrees of ramp angle, load capacity is 70.000 kgs and 3.500 mm height in closed position
Rear Ramp Safety : Ramp safety tensioner chain
Lashing Rings : Lashing rings; on the gooseneck is 6 tons capacity 3 x 2 units; on the platform 6 tons capacity 4 x 2
units; on the side rave 6 tons capacity 9 x 2 units mounted.
Gooseneck Panels : 1 unit of steel side panel with dimensions 450 mm x 2.550 mm, 2 units of aluminium side panels with
 dimensions 360 mm x 1.500 mm, 1 unit of steel aluminium rear panel with dimensions 360 mm x 2.550 mm
Extension : Extension brackets; galvanized steel, 11 x 2 units of 300mm extendable with 100mm  intervals or 230 mm
 extendable in single action i s mounted
Bracket Pillars : ( optional )
Toolbox : 1 unit of single door steel toolbox with dimensions 1.500 x 550 x 400 mm (h x d x w)
Flashing Beacon Light : 1 units of flashing beacon light
Extension Label Bracket : 2 x 2 units of 420 mm. x 405 mm. extension warning plates with 2 pieces position lights + 1 unit of
rear flashing beacon light socket 
Extension board storage cabine :   ( optional ) 
Electric loading crane :   ( optional ) 
Chassis Color : costumer request RAL code